MPAA Endorses Rape?

The film Observe and Report, in wide release today, is in some ways the dark comedy version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Observe and Report features a mall cop, Ronnie Barnhardt, trying to catch a flasher and robber, trying to become a police officer, working with and against the detective assigned to the crimes, and trying to get his girl in variously successful attempts that often do more harm than good. In one scene, Ronnie and his crush Brandi go to a bar and get totally smashed with alcohol and pills. They then go back to Ronnie’s apartment and have sex. Brandi has thrown up all over herself and is unconscious while they have sex; Ronnie stops, concerned, but resumes when she slurs, “Did I tell you to stop, motherfucker?”

Is this not rape? He got her drunk and high and then had sex with her when she was semiconscious. The MPAA gave this movie an R rating.

This is just another addition to a long line of films rated with the MPAA’s twisted logic. Read this blog post by private investigator Becky Altringer:

“It became clear that the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) was dishonest and unfair from the start of the investigation.
CARA watched and rated violence better than two fully clothed women kissing. As a Lesbian, as a mother, and as a rape survivor, I found this appalling. What are they telling our children about hate and love?

“CARA is basically telling our children that it is [more] okay to brutally rape and kill women than to watch two people have consensual sex. This is absurd, and I could not and still can’t understand their values. This case became personal just like all my cases do. There was so much that I discovered about these raters, and [I] found myself getting upset that they [can] judge what our children can and can not watch.

“CARA’s rating system rates gay and Lesbian movies different than heterosexual movies, and that too upsets me. Who gives them the right to say that gays and lesbians are not worth the same rating as a heterosexual? What they are doing when they rate this way is saying that gays and lesbians are not equal, and that is wrong. ”

In other news, a new loot and kill video game apparently has rape as an option as well. I hadn’t been opposed to violent video games, but this definitely makes me think twice.


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