The verdict on Paterson + Angie Zapata

NY Governor Paterson has been rather low on political capital lately, and his ratings are pretty low. Some marriage equality advocates say that he’s pushing this hopeless marriage equality legislation just to regain political capital. Whatever you think, you’ve gotta like this quote:

“Anyone that has ever experienced degradation or intolerance would understand the solemn duty and how important it actually is. Anyone that’s ever experienced antisemitism or racism, any New Yorker who is an immigrant, who has experienced discrimination, any woman who has faced harassment at work or suffered violence at home, any disabled person who has been mocked or marginalized, understands what we’re talking about here. We have all known the wrath of discrimination. We have all felt the pain and the insult of hatred. This is why we are all standing here today. We stand to tell the world that we want equality for everyone. We stand to tell the world that we want marriage equality in New York State.” -Paterson


In other news, another hate crime has been committed in Colorado. While Colorado’s hate crimes law covers sexual orientation and gender identity, its people perhaps think differently. Read about the terrible hate crime enacted against Angie Zapata below. Does this not necessitate protective legislation?

Angie’s story is just one among thousands: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people fall victim to bias-motivated violence every six hours in America today. Angie Zapata was beaten to death by a man who became enraged when he found out that she was transgender. He beat her with his fists and a fire extinguisher, then came back and continued to beat her with the fire extinguisher when he realized she was not dead. Her accused killer has been quoted as saying, “all gay things need to die” and has referred to Zapata as “it.”

Email your elected officials and ask them to pass the resurrected Matthew Shepherd Act, which was vetoed by President Bush at


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