Trans Day of Remembrance 09

An unthinkable number. 101 people were killed in the past year based on their gender identity and expression. 101 people were killed for being themselves. 101 people died because they refused to live in shame and fear. And these are only the ones we know of.
Their ages range from 16 to 64. Their genders-innumerable. Lives they touched-immeasurable. The impact of their deaths-unknowable. Each one is horrifying and unacceptable. In sum, they add to the eternal genocide of gender-nonconforming and nonheteronormative people.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to allow the hate and intolerance and violence to go on. We can’t allow the number of deaths to double again as it did this year.

Please watch this video. Try to understand how it feels to know that you may be targeted because of who you are – to feel that you’re not safe. Anywhere.

I ask that you be a little more mindful, a little more loving, a little more accepting. Be aware of your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors towards gender-nonconforming peoples, and towards gender in general. Educate yourself, and be an advocate for what you know is right.


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