Self-Portrait Gallery

I shot this series this winter in response to an image I saw at the ICP by Alice O’Malley, partly pictured here.

The series has three main themes: the variety of women’s roles in opera (see my titles), the variety of women overall, and the question inherent in self-portraiture: what aspect of the viewer’s perception of an image is a self-portrait. Yes, the entire series is a self-portrait, but the true self-portrait is just one of the images. I welcome your comments.


I Kitty

II Lucia

III Violetta

IV Cunégonde

V Orfeo


One thought on “Self-Portrait Gallery

  1. Hey There Friend!,
    I just wanted to say that I think these are fantastic fantastic! You are quite a dashing (/elegant)photogenic one. I really like these images, and will definitely spread the word about the project to my gender variant loving folks.

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