Twenty-One Days

Got off the Long Trail on Wednesday after 21 days and 275 miles. My grandma picked me up at the trail and after a delicious lunch at an organic cafe in Newport, VT we drove up to Lac Memphremagog in Quebec for a wonderful day/night’s rest. Spent Thursday driving to Kennebunk, ME with stops at Bleu Lavande, Newport, and even Franconia Notch for a little trail magic. In Kbunk through Monday for much-needed R & R 🙂 In between laundry, the beach, biking, and touring Dock Square I’ll be posting my trail journal. Keep an eye out for it!


2 thoughts on “Twenty-One Days

  1. Hey!

    I’m happy to hear you got back from the trip safely! I tried to email you with the address you gave my mom (yes, this is the daughter half of the mother/daughter duo you met near Sugarbush), but it came back as undeliverable.

    It was awesome to meet you, and congratulations on finishing the Long Trail!!

  2. I tried emailing you but i am not sure you got this:

    Hi Goji,

    It was so nice of you to leave a note at the Land’s End camp. I hope that you have recovered by now.

    Russ (King Biscuit) & I also finished on 8/11 as did Mzee & Mudfoot
    (the older guy & his kid). We all finished about 4:30.

    The two guys (Rocky & Bobo?) did not leave a message, but I presume that they also finished on 8/11.

    Todd & Marilyn hiked on farther than Russ & I did on the 10th. We left Jay Camp at 6 am on the 11th& caught up to them about 9:30. They were eating breakfast. They passed us just before Shooting Star & we all had lunch there. We left before them but they passed us again & presumably finished & hiked out.

    That was quite a date as 7 of us (that I am aware of) finished on 8/11.

    I looked up your trail name on facebook but there were 500 people listed. I went through the first 100 but none were obviously you. I am listed under Mike Cunningham or Hikermiker but I actually seldom go on it. If you wish to friend me I will eventually respond. My avatar is a headshot of me on Mount Monadnock with my Long Trail Ale hat on.

    I had the thought that you may have some trouble readjusting to the “real world”. Many people do. There is some good advice on & a quote from Cindy Ross in the Spring issue of the Aldha Newsletter. (I am the editor). You should be able to find it at or I can email you a copy.

    I readjust by never going completely back to the “real world” My cubicle at work is filled with hiking trail maps and cartoons & I try to run on trails 3 times a week & hike 3 times a week. I carry my work stuff in a knap sack. I guess I am a pretty sad case. You may not want to correspond with me. Hahahaha.

    I am unhappily back at work now.

    Happy trails,


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