Update from Talkeetna #1

Date: 21-24 May

Location: Talkeetna

Daylight: 21h

Photo Updates:

Some bikers at the beach, 21 May; cousin Lisle and I with antennae; dog Rosie at the red house.

Click for more photos of Talkeetna at my co-worker’s daily photo blog.

The past few days have been sunny and warm, reaching the low 70s in the afternoons. I’ve been working at AMS, prepping lunch for the teams going out and working on their photo archive and blog. I’ve also been spending time with Lisle and minding the gear shop. On Monday evening, however, I got the same symptoms of Strep A that I had a month ago. Caitlin is ill with something slightly different. If I’m not on the mend Wednesday I’ll call the clinic. I visited Studio Z yoga outside of town and hope to work part-time at the Flying Squirrel Cafe as well.

I’m feeling rather isolated, though. I figured out this year that I need four things in my life to be happy: an intellectual challenge and sense of purpose; a loving and stimulating community (sanga) and security; space and stimulus for spiritual growth; and exercise and wholesome food. I’m not quite sure what I have here yet. I thought that the distance from everything I hold dear would be good for me, space and time to process this year’s changes and to grow in a different way. I’m sure that by the end of the summer and after having a few weeks in the mountains I’ll appreciate what will have happened internally, but now I’m just feeling lost.


One thought on “Update from Talkeetna #1

  1. Ms. G,

    You are a very bright, articulate, and interesting young woman. I am amazed at your maturity.

    And so you are thousands of miles from home, feeling ill, and you are feeling a bit lost and isolated. That is not really surprising. I would be more surprised if you did not feel a bit lost & alone.

    To your fourfold path I would add remember to enjoy life & have fun. I can see by the picture of you & your cousin that you are aware of it but it does need to be stated. But then I never have matured. It is likely that I never will.

    I am sending a couple of links that you may find interesting.
    http://bit.ly/lrxNcT I could not watch this, it is against my company’s internet usage policy. Therefore it must be good!

    If you want to converse off blog, I believe that you have my email address. If not that’s okay, too.

    Wow, Alaska! I envy you.


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