Updates from Talkeetna #3

Date: 27-31 May

Location: Talkeetna

Daylight: 21h

Photo Updates:

Went for a woods run, found a river… little did I know it’s from a water treatment plant! Photo from jumping clinic; Pioneer Mtn in the Chugach near Palmer.


Lisle (and therefore I) accompanied Caitlin and Topaz to a jumping clinic in Palmer today. We were super tired but I ended up learning a lot from watching for a couple of hours and hearing what Olympic equestrian trainer Jeffrey Steward had to say about trotting, cantering, and jumping posture and sports psychology. Personally, though, I felt my patience and creativity at a very low ebb. I think I need a break from childcare and being at someone’s beck and call – not sure how else to rejuvenate. I’m not sure either how I’ll find the time to do so: any time I take for myself and my mental/emotional/physical health cuts my already low earnings. I’m hoping to make it out to local yoga tomorrow morning, but we’ll see.

Worked on making mids, big kitchen tents, over the last few days at AMS. It was tricky at first,  but John and I got into a rhythm of measuring and cutting the fragile fabric efficiently.

I’m also working a lot on theology, reading, listening to lectures, and thinking really hard. It’s very tiring work. While this spring I felt so much deep connection and growth through that personal mechanism, right now I’m feeling very heady and working a lot on reasoning out faith. The corollary to that is a deep feeling of spiritual “dryness,” isolation, and lack of deep roots and foundation. I’m not sure that intellectual work and spiritual dryness necessarily go hand in hand – or that they’re necessary – but deep thinking and deep feeling are hard to do at the same time. Both are necessary – but the latter is far more rewarding!


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