Updates from Talkeetna #5

Date: 2-7 June

Location: Talkeetna

Daylight: 22h

Photo Updates:

The horses’ midmorning nap in the sun – their favorite activity. Denali Skills Workshop 6/5. This was a very diverse group in experience, age, occupation, origin – and boy, was I happy to see a brown face.

Last week/weekend was very rainy but on Sunday it began to clear up, and the temperature has risen back up from the 50s to the 70s. After a rather eventful (and cold and wet) week I’m back in the swing of things, helping out teams at the office and spending long, hot hours weeding and clearing manure.

I participated in the Denali Skills Workshop on Sunday with a group of 5 other climbers. Interns John and Erin led it in a very straightforward, understandable way. It was great to spend time with climbers and try out those skills but I remain confused about all the strings and equipment dangling off of one in roped travel; how exactly to prepare for fixed-line ascent; and how exactly to set up an anchor point for someone who has fallen in a crevasse. Of note – for all the talk about falling in a crevasse, no one in the group, neither teacher, and none of their teachers had ever fallen in a crevasse. If you know what you’re doing and look where you’re going, you shouldn’t fall in a crevasse, but you should be totally prepared for it. On Monday I made lunch for them all and sat with them for a while. I was glad to know them more than I normally know the groups but none were very outgoing.


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