Updates from Talkeetna #6

Date: 8-9 June

Location: Talkeetna

Daylight: 22h

Photo Updates:

I went out rafting tonight with a bunch of the guides. It was really good to connect with a couple of them. Some people here had suggested that I wouldn’t find anyone I could really connect with and I had taken that to heart and have been quite lonely and disconnected, but, well, they were wrong. Someone doesn’t have to be a scholar or a Hindu to find deep common ground and understanding. I mostly talked to the two women guides as we were in the same raft. L is an artist and expresses her deep love for this land, for the “ice planet” and the “green planet” only sixty miles apart, in her painting and in her language. She was born here; her parents were guides and it’s clear that this is her heart’s desire. W has been practicing yoga for 8 years or so and recently did a training in Nepal. She and her husband are both guides. They’re a bit older and though W shares the practice of yoga with me, L shares the artistry and song of the soul.

Yesterday I went for a run through the woods and stopped at the river on the way back. I found a lovely seat for meditation, up on the bank and far enough from the mosquitos. I had a lovely meditation there that evening and hope to spend some mornings there as well, when it’s colder but less buggy.

Speaking with L this evening brought the love for nature back into my heart. I don’t have to be up in mountains or tundra – the green valley and river is beautiful too. Outside my window the sun’s golden evening rays are beautiful on the tall alders as they sway in the  breeze. I hope I can find deep inspiration in the trees here and in Sri Chaitanya’s Siksastakam, which I’ve been studying lately.


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