End of a Dream

So my last post was quite accurate: it doesn’t look anything like that now. The Occupy movement was an opportunity for a portion of the population to air grievances and mobilize around them in an attempt to change the political dialogue. Now, an attitude of repression has won out among authorities. It’s a commonly held precept in social movements theory that a mix of repression and concessions from authority only helps protest movements, and we’ve certainly seen that, with teargassing in the early days, a move to evict in October, and then allowance of the encampment. But now, the core of the movement has been eviscerated.
It will continue on the web. It will continue on the air (news media). It will continue in other cities. But the Zuccotti Park establishment is no more. Protestors will return, and there will be counterdemonstrations, but the peaceful, chaotic, hopeful little world they created there only exists in our memories.

This is what happened last night:


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