Questions at Summer’s End

Note to the reader: this post was intended as a reflection on the shlokas discussed below, but became much more open and vulnerable, a fuller reflection on how those shlokas fit into my life and consciousness and the questions they are related to. This post is meant primarily for the friends and family who follow my blog as a “life update” and is also a request for engagement around the questions I raise. Please accept it and offer any comments in this spirit.


I’ve just completed three months in Boston. Three months is a short period of time, but the amount of change in my life, both externally and internally, that has occurred since I left Princeton on June 5 is more than I can comprehend. (Imagine trying to locate yourself and your foundations through multiple earthquakes.) On June 9 I started working at The Food Project, an urban farming and youth development organization based in Boston’s Dudley neighborhood. I serve as the market manager for our urban farms, running two farm stands and a CSA each week. I’ve learned about small farm management, harvesting and sales, and some of the tricky business of community engagement. I’ve grown far tanner and more muscular than I’ve ever been, gotten more bruises and scrapes than I could count, and had my heart challenged in deeper and more profound ways than I expected.
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